All About Glass Staircase

In public buildings and private homes, no matter what the surroundings are like, a glass staircase looks truly amazing and makes the space seem larger and lighter than it actually is. When deciding to purchase you have two options, either an all glass staircase or a combination of wood, metal and glass.

All glass staircases

This type is not very common in private homes but is seen a lot more in public and commercial buildings but are perfect in any surrounding and makes the area in smaller homes feel larger than they truly are due to the light penetrating throughout the glass.

The glass stair treads can either be fixed directly to the wall rather than mounted in a steel tray to minimize the amount of other materials used in the project.

Floating glass stairs

All Glass Staircase with floating stairs

The stair treads can be sandblasted with a decorative pattern or textured surface pattern with anti-slip properties and the choice is up to you.

To make it perfect you should also Incorporate a structural glass balustrade to the side of the stair case and at the top on the landing area. For this you will most likely need a bespoke staircase but when the job is complete you certainly will be satisfied.

Wood or metal stair treads with glass balustrade


This is the most common type and is seems to be more suited in public buildings due to the fact that you can use more hard wearing materials such as wood and steel.

The majority of people much prefer to have the treads manufactured from wood to be more precise oak, depending on your budget others prefer to have the treads made from pine wood and then overlay a carpet.

The glass staircase is then finished with a choice of a structural glass balustrade or a metal/wooden frame in filled with glass panels.

A wooden framed system with glass infill panels

A wooden framed system with glass infill panels

No matter which combination of materials you ultimately choose your glass staircase will provide stunning and contemporary focus that will invite light and space into a previously dark living area.

The all glass stair cases were made popular back in 2006 when an architect company Bohlin Cywinski Jackson designed and built for the iconic Fifth Avenue, New York apple store. In this store the stairs are a structural glass spiral staircase that wraps around the glass elevator.

Glass staircases can not only be installed on the interior of a private or public building but also on the exterior.

It is common for flats to use a glass staircase on the exterior of the building, these are made to withstand the weather for many years. To accomplish this they must be manufactured from the most durable materials. The treads are made from steel generally with a checker plate anti slip top, the railings and frame are also made from steel. The frame is then in filled with glass also referred to as toughened or tempered glass.

Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is processed by controlled thermal or a chemical treatments that increases its strength compared with standard glass.